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Exclamation ioZS Release

Here is the latest update to I changed the name from ioFileRacer as many people did not like the name. There are several small fixes, and some new features. Race leader is now recognized (without adding any addition race files). Here is what has changed (from the changelog):

02/11/2003 - v0.86
* Fixxed m3u creation. It was creating the wrong filename.
* Changed m3u is not created if it already exists in the dir.
* Added NEWLEADER loggging for race, with MIN_NEWLEADER_FILES setting in ini.

02/10/2003 - v0.85
* Fixxed UP_TAG settings in ini not working.
* Finished COMPLETE stats for zips (added $zipcompletestats cookie).
* Added RACE logging when new user joins a race.
* Added fastestfile and slowestfile cookies.
* now works with large releases. File sizes are now 64-bit integers (unsigned).



Latest build v0.96

v0.90 Downloaded 100 times.
v0.91 Downloaded 88 times.
v0.92 Downloaded 44 times.
v0.93 Downloaded 61 times.
v0.94 Downloaded 135 times.
v0.95 Downloaded 47 times.
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