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Default New Cookies

What new cookies you'd like to see in next release?

Here's list so far:

---- User information ---

"alldn" - Alltime downloads
"allup" - Alltime uploads
"credits" - Credits
"daydn" - Daily downloads
"dayup" - Daily uploads
"ip" - Ip
"group" - Group
"monthdn" - Monthly downloads
"monthup" - Monthly uploads
"ratio" - Ratio
"wkdn" - Weekly downloads
"wkup" - Weekly uploads

---- Misc ----

"error" - Last error message
"execute" - Execute script
"fileinfo" - Information about current file
"free" - show available diskspace
"include" - Include text-file
"service" - Show per service statistics; # users online, # active transfers, who is online, bytes downloaded/uploaded since last reboot, availablility (times connection has been accepted/rejected due system failure/max user limit)
"special" - containment/parameters of this cookie vary
"speed" - speed for last transfers
"stats" - build statistics list
"time"- format time string
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