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Smile .SFV ascii, automated listing function

Can .sfv be put on ascii file list so it will be there by default?

Also to add to previous suggestion re. saving file list
as well as having option for saving list of file names in directory without other details, with details, with/without full path, also options to save just directory names, just file names, both, as well as a recursive function to go through all subdirs.
would be great for keeping db of ftp contents, could be in wizard display dialog style, e.g. tick boxes if you want directories, files, recursive, filedetails, full path included, then go do based on current directory or another if specified (could have the two current ftp paths in drop down list box automatically, as well as allow manual changing, with name of site + path, could be used on local files as well as remote ftp, and saved to clear ascii .txt
with path of directory then names listed underneath, or .CSV file for easy loading into another editor/viewer
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