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Default Simple new event

A suggestion from someone via mail to me, I think it belongs here...
How about puttin an OnEveryDay event in the events?

Well I though then how that was a nice idea. So my extension of his idea:
Why not an OnTime event that gets triggered on any time from a timer list?
The program would be simple. Just use a simple plain wildcard matcher and a seperate scheduler thread that runs the time trigger check once a minute.
Express time in YY-MM-DD WDAY HH:MM internally
Then the list could be:
Time1=02-??-???? ? 00:00 <- every new day in the year 2002
Time2=??-??-???? ? 00:?5 <- every 10 seconds
Time3=??-??-???? ? 00:?0 <- every 10 seconds
Time4=??-??-???? 0 00:00 <- monday
Time5=??-??-???? 1 18:00 <-tuesday at 18:00

etc.. This could be an easy extension and it would be very easy to run a cleanup task or something in there same as running a NewDay routine or whatever someone wants to run...
Just my extension of someone's suggestion..
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