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I don't really know much about the first problem as I have not tried the 'F' or 'f' flags..

But I think I can help you with the "add user to group" thing..

I do not think the best way to add user to a specific group is to modify the default.user, instead you should use the following command:

site gadduser <group> <user name> <password> <Ident@IP> add a user to a specific group.

Maybe it is supposed to work adding user to specific group by modifying default.user but ioFTPD defaults to add user to same group as the account adding the user is in. So if you are logged in with an account that is in the group ioFTPD (and you do not use the gadduser command) the new user automatically gets added to the same group.. in this case ioFTPD.

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