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Exclamation I think i’m found 2 new bug’s in ioFTPD 3-7-0

I think i’m found 2 new bug’s the first is in the default user becouse when i modify puting the flags Ff for the users whitout permision for do FXP they can see the folder private and they can’t be do cuz i¡have a older version intall in mi pc and the users whitout acces to FXP they have flags and they can´t see the folder private , for mi is a big trouble cuz y do a link from the folder ioFTP inside the folder private and this meen any user can enter to this folder , if i clear the flags Ff then they don’t see the folder private but they can do FXP that a bug?

The another posible bug is a problem whit thave he group of user at creat a defect count for user, the progran put the users inside the ioftpd group and at modify the default user and specify a group for the comun users the program still put the useres inside the group ioftpd and after the group in especific and no way to create a count of useres the program still put in this group the only solution i found is the manual modification of the count but in the older version this don’t need do becouse at specify the gropu in the dafault user and at create acount of user automatic they add in this group , i hope you can fix soon this bug becouse this is a great server FTP is a monster... sorry mi english is not too good but y try mi best..,
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