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That is NOT a good idea. Why? well simple how do you know for example which pre event passes on and which doesnt??
Suppose I run first.exe and second.itcl then if first.exe gives a not allowed to go on would you want to do second.itcl or not? So you better use one event and program the way it reacts to multiple scripts yourself. Only then are you sure how it works.
On a post event is makes little sense for various events as well.
It only makes sense for scripts that dont give any feedback. But then why not simply use a bat file or use ExecBoth.itcl ?

exec "c:\ioftpd\scripts\myprog.exe" "arg1" "arg2"
exec "c:\ioftpd\scripts\myprog2.exe" "arg1"

You can even mix tcl with exe's and so in. The tcl ability makes this flexibility possible.
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