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mail sent.

BUT i think i got it !

Here is how to make it crash so try to recreate it.

Let's say :

1 - i made a user "led" with "ioftpd" default group, this guy uploads a load of shit in \stock where he has permissions.

2 - i realize that this "led" guy has very weird sexual attractions cause he uploads me alot of zooporn i decide to delete his account.

3 - i log into my ioftpd server with default account "ioFTPD" and files that "led" uploaded have now "Nobody" as owner, group still remain the same.
I presume"Nobody" is default owner when ioftpd cant find the user in user files and group is still "ioftpd" cause it still exists : all is OK for me.

4 - I decide to delete his stuff in \stock (subdirs and files) with my "ioftpd" user and here we go, it crashes !

Let me know if you got it or should i like zooporn ?

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