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1a - nope, first i deleted sames file but when the bug appears i found it too trivial so i tested with different files but always in the same dir.
So symptoms appears with same files and different files too.
I must comment that in my tests i delete subdirs and files (not only files as you did maybe ?)

1b - file i use in tests are owned different users ("ioFTPD" and "test" users who is basic test user). I did my tests my differents (ioFTPD/test) and same user (ioFTPD : to be the master). It alaways caused crashs.

2 - Good idea, it would be possible (zero divide) if this problem only affected basics ratio user with low credits but i got it as say above with "ioFTPD" user (master, no ratio).

I will try to make some more tries with an older version on a different desktop with my test protocol to see what happen.
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