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Lightbulb cSFVse...



General information about cSFVse

This version of the the program, is supposed to be used with a ftp server..
checking uploaded files and generating progress info..

The SFV program calculate the CRC32 value of the file it´s checking
and verify´s it with the checksum written in the .sfv file..

Mathematically it can be proven that CRC32 catches all errors
below 33 bit and 99,99999998% of all errors above 32 bit.

Main Features

Can be started from a ftp-server (if the server support event execution)

Can monitor folders for write-access and queue the folder after a defined delay

Remembers the files that has been checked ok

Generates progress info, so ppl using the ftp quickly can see what´s missing ..

Ignore specific file-types and folders when scanning

Drop a nfo when the entire sfv file is ok

Execute a file when the entire sfv file is ok

Make "DiskSpace info" folders

"Announce to file" (mainly for use with G6Stats)

Program priority settings

Generate list of latest uploads

Can extract mp3 media info
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