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Hooray, that's what I wanted to be, compare sizes too, finally

Now, there is only one bad/sad thing. When I need update galeries/sites, I need that I compare the folders on local drive AND on the server, it select the new files, but I did not need to upload them YET, I first need to create Thumbnails for them, so I need to copy them somewhere, into other, separate dir...

Now the problem is, that even the 3.2 build 1080 Flash FXP refuse to copy the files over the local drive. The only one option is to move them (RIGHT mouse button context menu)...

Maybe a copy could be added there?

Or maybe FlashFX/ should allow copy/transfer on local drive just into these normal windows, just like another file manager, like Total Commander?

Im sure many ppls would like this very much, not just me
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