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Default Re: Re: Yeah, but how much better would it be if it were internal.. I am that technical ;

Originally posted by MxxCon
why don't you configure scheduler to run only once?
What I meant was that on each occasion I activate a schedule, there is no default time set, so I have on around 200 separate (probably more) occasions set the same 'start at 2am, disconnect at 9am' schedule which I would very much appreciate being able to apply as a default off-peak schedule.

I repeatively need to change the go live date/time (when setting before midnight) to start the schedule forward a day, (ie: 2am) and end at +1 day or 7 hours later at 9am. Its so bloody annoying I cannot emphasise more than I have already how much I'd like to either lock that as an active schedule, or somehow have some enhanced functionality here.

ie: hard lock - activate off peak schedule until advised / or override and transfer now.

Hope that makes sense.. and sorry - I didnt mean for this to jump into another forum post.. unsure why it started outside the existing disucssion we had.. Cheers
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