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Default Yeah, but how much better would it be if it were internal.. I am that technical ;)

Hehe.. too technical for me boys but I hear you..

I'd love an appreciate a simple enhancement so as not to have to become a tech wiz to automate these functions...

The benefit of the internal schedule would be that it would only be active when flashfxp is active... so for the odd time I left the pc on overnight I wouldnt have to keep manually fixing a schedule which I think I have done around 200 times for a while...

1) Setup/Activate pre-defined schedules
2) Activation - [X] Enable
[X] For this session or [X] All future sessions.

I'd love for it to be that easy with some pre-defined internal rules.

Then if one tried to download if a schedule was active suggesting downloads were only available within scheduled periods -- an override button ---
IGNORE / DISABLE - [X] FOR THIS SESSION or [X] All future sessions.

Pretty please for us dummies


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