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Default Sheduled download of a folder

Is it possible to schedule a download of an entire folder each night, without knowing its contents?

I know that i can schedule files, but what seems to happen with my attempts at scheduling a folder is that flashfxp will list the contents of the folder on the first attempt at downloading it, and replace the queue with the contents at that time. if this is queue is then rescheduled the following night, and the following etc, then it only downloads what was int he folder on the first nights attempt, not what may have been put in that folder since then.

What i want to achieve is to have a folder at a remote site that users can put files in which will then be downloaded that night (or over a series of nights if they are larger than one nights downloading will allow). Thing is, i dont know what is in that folder from one day to the next, so i would have to tell flashfxp to attempt to download "that folder" each time, rather than "the contents of that folder now".

Hope that all makes sense.

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