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Angry Hanging forever after transfer a one file

Having a serious problem since the latest release.
This occur only at downloads using the 'standard' FlashFXP mode.
The transfer byself going fine with great speed and on the final line when the file is done.. it stay showing in 'Receiving:'the file name and the final size.. and hang forever.
It won't start the next coming transfer file as well it doean't show that the file is done and lay on hard drive.
This shows like the whole FlashFXP is in frozen mode.
Doesn't react on 'Refresh' until 'Time-Out' and then the auto-log-in is activate.. and then the transfer continue untils the END..
This works like in a circle endless and start just since I installed the latest release.
I didn't makes any change in configuration since build1045 and everythings was workin fine without any problems at all.

There is only one change in my System under Windows XP..
I use previous hook-up my LAN with HUB and now I switch into a wireless Router.. so since I possible make mess with the whole Network Connection..

Here after a while I quit the Internal LAN with other Computers in Home and under "Network Connection" in LAN (NIC) I have here only:
1. Client Microsoft Network
2. File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Network
3. Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

and the above maybe not enough to support the FlashFXP runs in full. Have No Idea what to do next and need some sugestion & Help.
Best regards..
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