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Default Exit With Non Empty Queue

I use the folling to run FlashFXP:

"C:\Program Files\FlashFXP\flashfxp.exe" -go -tray -lock -pass="pw" -savequeque -c2 backup.fqf

But when it's finished it askes me "Exit With Non Empty Queue". I used the same with the older version and it just existed... Am I doing anything wrong or should command -savequeque make it not ask... I run this 2 times a day and if I leave for 3 days I have 6 instances of FlashFXP all asking me to confirm the exit... It didn't do that before!


* FlashFXP v[3].[2.0], build [1080], [x] Registered, [] Unregistered, [] Pirated
* OS [x] WinXP, [] Win2K, [] Win98, [] WinME, [] Other
* Running behind NAT/router [] Yes & Model [], [x] No, [] Not sure
* Running firewall [x] Yes, Name [SP2], Ver. [], or [] No
* Running Antivirus [] Yes, Name [] or [x] No
* Network [] xDSL, [] CABLE, [] Dail-Up, [x] Dedicated Server
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