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Originally posted by bigstar
.. Since there is no simple and 100% perfect way to indentify windows ftp servers that allow commands during a transfer, FlashFXP treats all ftp servers the same and simply doesn't allow any commands to be sent during a transfer.
If I understood right, you're saying it is technically possible, but for sake of compatibility you chose not to do it.

Don't you find it a cool idea though? A client that will allow a bit of a "chat session" between administrator and user, while a long transfer is going on, might become extremely popular IMHO.

With those servers that it won't work, it just won't work. I mean as it is now, there are often some "command not understood" instances, they don't cause any crisis.

On the other hand, this feature might prove so popular, that server developers might just make their babys compatible.

You never know..
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