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Default Re: Transfer freezes when it's done?

Originally posted by Gary King
I have a few items in queue. When a file completes transfer, it stops transferring when the file just hits the 100% mark, and it stays at 100% for an extremely long time (long enough for me to close the window and start it again instead of waiting.)
How can I fix this?
Apparently only happens on some servers.
I have the very same problems EXACTLY as already mention before since I switch from HUB into Wireless Router and install the latest release of FlashFxp v3.2.0.1080 Final - 5 5 2005
and this is endless till time-out and the Auto-Connect is activate with pop-up Error TIME-OUT.. then the transfer start to continue.
In mean time I check as well the Norton Antivirus 2004 if any activity for delay.. but nothing shows and on the backgrounds only Norton Internet Security 2004 are live.
Since the 1078 release I didn't makes any changes with configuration and as well the transfer going fine and speedy as usual til reach the 100% and then all looks like freeze forever.
Anyway.. I Re-Install the FlashFXP into 1078 release with the same results so.. that means that the 1080 release have nothing to do with the current problems so I return back into the 1080.
Additionally I uninstall all Protocols I have under Windows XP SP1 and use the Microsoft Network Wizard to fresh Re-Install all and do the same with Re-installation of the Router too.
Unfortunately no any positive sign to fix this unexpected problems I never have before...
I try as well do the same transfer again using CuteFTP which going well with-out any transfer problems (just for test but I love the FlashFXP I use for years).
Any solution or tips to fix that?
This problems accurance with all knowing Servers I have never problems before.
Best regards..
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