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Did you check for both files ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll ? You might search your entire hard drive just to be sure.

This problem occurs because both files are paired together and the both must be the same version of openssl. The libeay32.dll being loaded does not contain an expected export reference required by ssleay32.dll.

FlashFXP will look for the dlls in it's own application directory first, however if the files are not found, it will fall back and try to load the dll from any of the common path locations ('path env var)

It sounds like ssleay32.dll is being loaded from the FlashFXP folder and libeay32.dll from some place else, or maybe the other way around.. Make sure that both of these files are in your FlashFXP folder.

The openssl dlls don't have any version info so it makes it difficult to identify which version is which.

FlashFXP v3.2 comes with the latest version of the openssl dlls, these two files are digitally signed and have a signature date of "Wednesday, May 04, 2005"
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