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i'm running winxp sp1 on my desktop with norton antivirus (tried running flashfxp with antivirus disabled, same problem), no firewall.

the laptop is running win2k sp4, no antivirus and no firewall.

the error message even appears when i completely remove the dll from flashfxp's directory. (which makes me think flashfxp is either using the dll from another location, or not using it at all) I found a few other programs that are using this dll (different versions/filesizes/dates)
apache2, subversion, tortoisesvn.

Already tried renaming all those files, but that error msg keeps appearing.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the new flashfxp version. The previous version in the flashfxp/backup directory (v3.0.2 build 1045) works without a problem.
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