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Default Renaming lowercase to caps fix.

I am currently using FlashFXP v 3.0.2 build 1045

I am using it mainly for connecting to a local FTP server.

Here is my feature request or perhaps it might be considered a bug fix.

I am often in a situation where i want to rename a folder because it is a title and I simply want to re-enter its name using some capitial letters.


original folder name is

"metal of honor rising sun"

I just want to rename it to

"Metal of Honor Rising Sun" (same name with caps)

If i do this to a local folder on my PC it renames fine. If i do it on my FTP server the file name does not update. I have found a work around. I first rename the folder fixing the capitals and also I add an extra charactor to the filename. That makes it realize its different and then I just rename it a second time to delete the extra character.

This problem effects both files and folders. I just used folders in my example.

I have tried this on more then one FTP server.

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