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Default Wah?!? Local Browser?

Hi all.

I'd first like to start this off by saying, great piece of software. I'll admit this right out: I used a cracked version. But I liked it so much, I bought it. I'm the nice crack user who buys the software he uses illegaly.

Anyway, I downloaded and installed a new version (not keeping any old files). I open up FlashFXP and I get two remote browser windows. I'd rather have one local browser, and one remote browser. It's much like the Commander interface.

How do I get that local browser back instead of the left remote browser? I can't find any of the options that set it.

Thanks for the help.


Oh yes:
Version: 3.0.2 (build 1045)
OS: Windows XP

I solved the problem. Had to uninstall, delete directory, and re-install the program. But if it happens again, can anyone tell me where to remedy the problem?

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