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I prefer to be honest, for me I think, it's hard to get what you want when at start you are not able to say the truth.

Yes somes of my program get registered for free but I pay for most of them, yes im downloading mp3 but nothing like an original cd got more than 400 original cds

If they don't want to listen to my suggestion I can't do anything but if I look all the ftp client out there, there is no ftp client right now that offer this option. But me here internet connection are really bad many bad crc in files im getting and its really frustating to get what we are working at at work all files are in rar format with authenticity verification and with sfv. So thats not so bad when i try to unrar it and there a bad crc I scan all files with the sfv but an ftp client that do this after each file you get will make save many time and be really usefull
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