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Default Download speeds slow after installation of XP service packs??

Well, for a while now (using SP2 XP) I've been downloding files from some high speed ftp servers. My connection is 1500/256
From one US one I would get 135kb/s max
From one Korean one I would get 150kb/s
From one German one: 80kb/s
Holland: 80kb/s

Anyway, recently I reformated and reinstalled windows xp professional. (No service packs). Suddenly, something strange started happening. Each ftp server would go at full speed! 150-155kb/s with no difference between them.
I suspected that I had a virus or spyware with which this was occuring. So, confidently I upgraded to SP1.
All of a sudden my ftp speeds went to what they were previously as a max, but fluctuated and jumped instead of remaining constant!

So, SP2, I hoped would return my comp to the correct download rate. Sure enough, the download speeds posted above returned (not the full 150-155kb/s ones...the slower ones).

So it would appear that sp2 of xp professional is somehow doing something to make the various downloads speed different between the ftp sites.

Does anyone know what I can do in order to bring The 150-155kb/s speeds of the non-service pack build back? I need at least sp1 for some digital editing software so cant uninstall both. I'm hoping theres a way to fix the crappy SP2.


I have a 2.0Ghz 1gb ram comp

* FlashFXP v3.0.2 build 1045 (unregistered. i was registered ages ago. But I will register once I figure out how to bloody fix this crappy problem)
* OS [ ] WinXP Media edition 2005 SP2 and also xp professional sp2
* Running behind NAT/router [Yes Netgear DG814
* Running firewall [ ] Yes, default xp sp2 one
* Running Antivirus Nope not on media centre edition, but I am on the professional one. norton systemworks (antivirus)
* Network DSL 1500/256
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