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Default Can't disconnect external firewire hard drives while running FlashFXP

I have a few external drives connected to my computer via firewire (Maxtor drives), and I can never unmount these drives the clean way by using "unplug or eject hardware" whenever I have FlashFXP open.. EVEN if FlashFXP is working on a different drive, and doesn't have any queue entries related to the external drives..

By using a tool such as "Who Lock Me?" (url: on the root of the drive, FlashFXP is listed as having it ( x:\ ) open..

This is rather annoying, as I don't see this behaviour in any other applications..


I'm having theories about it being the drive combo boxes or something.. I tried switching both the left and right hand side to remote mode, but the drives are still locked.. But: If I then switch back to local mode again, I can unmount the drives and they do not appear as locked by FlashFXP any more...

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