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Default Suggestions for 'notes' field in site manager

I like the new enhancement to the notes field in the site manager as i often store notes that take up more space than can be viewed in the editbox (without scrolling). Just a few suggestions.

1. The use of the escape key to close the dialog, as it does with the status/transfer windows etc.

2. This is kind of a windows thing, but maybe there is a way around it... the alt+enter sequence is used in windows for switching between screen modes. As such, in windows2000 at least, when you use this key sequence in another manner it will give a 'ding' sound. (note: this sound also occurs when switching back to the normal windows mode from a program, such as full screen wmp, but does not occur when switching into the full screen mode. I'm sure most are aware of the behavior i am speaking of). I wonder is there a way to supress this sound when the notes field is enlarged as it can become quite annoying.

3. I have suggested this before, but felt it relevent to mention again here. The ability to use the 'notes' field for group folders in the site manager (that is, when you have selected a group/folder, the notes field that is grey'd out like all other fields). It would be quite useful, for me at least, to be able to use this field.

Thanks for your time, have yet to experience any bugs or issues with the latest beta.
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