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Default Queue file (non) documentation

Hey Guys

I've used FlashFXP happily for the last 2 months for doing basic uploads. It's faster and more robust than anything out there.

But the time came when I got tired of using Windows and wanted to do batch uploads using scripts.

So I looked at the FlashFXP documentation and understood that using the batch commands successfully had much to do with Queue files.

But this is where the documentation dries up.

But what are Queue files? What do they do? How can I create one?

I still don't know!

Because there's no documentation anywhere that will tell me this - either in the helpfiles or on the FlashFXP website. In both cases there's just a page with a list of codes (rather challenging :)

Was this explained at a class I missed?

Please, would someone kind explain to me:

What is a queue file?
What does it do?
And how can I make one?


If you answer this here, you could always copy it into the help documentation :).


PS: Stop keeping secrets about major parts of your good software:)

PPS: I wrote an earlier (postive) review about FlashFXP on my site at
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