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Default browse local and remote folders 'simultaniously'

First of all, excuse my english, i'm dutch

I love the program and i'm thinking about buying it. It's the most stable FTP client i've encountered sofar!

Here's my suggestion: (I hope i can make myself clear on this one)
I thought it might be a good idea to have the possibility to 'combine' the remote 'browser' to the local 'browser'.

This way i wouldn't have to browse to the same folder twice, get it?

local: *click* web *click* sites *click* site476 *click* homepage etc
remote: *click* web *click* sites *click* site476 *click* homepage etc
local: *click* <up> *click* <up> *click* stats
remote: *click* <up> *click* <up> *click* stats


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