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Default FTP server with no password

Here's the situation, to un-panic you:

I have a LAN at my home, which is isolated from any threads from outside, by a hardware NAT-router box. On this LAN is an Windows MCE box to which I upload a movie a few times a week. And since MCE cannot be joined into a network and FTP being a much more efficient protocol for large file transfers, I installed an FTP server on it (IIS). However, since it's an MCE, the logon account doesn't have a password, so that after pressing the power-button, I get MCE without any other input. And since the FTP is IIS, it uses the windows userbase, which has 1 account with no password.

Now the bottom line: FlashFXP always asks for that password when logging into that FTP server. How can I disable that?
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