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Thanks for the reply. I just installed FileZilla and am currently transfering files to my client using SFTP. The GUI looks the same.. I mean, the process for setting up a site, transferring files, all that process wise looks identical to FlashFXP. So you really wouldn't have to change anything GUI wise, just add an other type of connection in the site manager. I realize the communication routines would have to be modified, but better yet, just create some different subroutines for SFTP and leave the FTP stuff alone to avoid introducing bugs in there. You could surely look at the source code for FileZilla and pretty quickly figure out how they do SFTP, and go from there. A nice weekend project! Send the wife and kid off somewhere for the weekend and there ya go! We all love your product but as standards change, if we can't use it, we'll be driven to other products, and we all loose in the end...
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