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Thumbs down Wow, no SFTP?

One of my clients sent me a link to their FTP site today... I pull up my trusty paid-for FlashFXP version 3.6 (latest and greatest) and lo an behold, after trying everywhere to find an option for SFTP, I log in here and read this.

I'm very surprised that you guys are not leading the pack here, having added SFTP a long time ago. This thread goes back to 2005 when someone is asking for SFTP.. it is now 2008.. what have you guys been doing for the last 3 years? Did you just assume SFTP was not going to become a needed feature at some point? Is there a version 4.0 beta somewhere I can try that does indeed have SFTP? Guess not...

So now I too have to find another application to use.. and as I hate having more than one application for the same task, I will probably end up using whatever I find exclusively.. which means I won't be using FlashFXP anymore, just like someone else mentioned in this thread... Even if we are talking about a complete re-write, I'm sure you could have done so in the last 3 years.. I would have paid to upgrade if money was the issue, as I'm sure many other loyal FlashFXP users would have... not instead you are going to loose us as customers, one by one..
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