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Default slow speeds

hi ppl
could anyone please help
i have been using flashfxp for a while now
but the last couple of weeks have been a right pain
i am only downloading @ 6kbps and not my average of 60kbps
i have spoken to my isp who have insured me that the fault is not with them and i have even tested my speeds and yepp all is good.

i am using windows xp pro
and flashfxp v.3.0.2
i down load from a very good source and have always had good speeds untill a few weeks ago.
i have turned off all firewalls and av's just incase
i have even deleted my hard drive
i have done all spyware and adware test
but still can't find a cause for why i am only getting 6kbps.....

please please help
i have not changed any of the settings in flashfxp

thanks in advance
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