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Default Flash Fxp Problem --> Ident Server: Unable to listen on 113

Hello Community

I ve got a problem with Flash FXP Version 3. 0.2 (Build 1045)
I want to connect via FXP to a Swedish Server.
I connect with AUTH TSL and SSL....

While i was connecting this msg occupiers ---> Ident Server: Unable to listen on 113

I have tried nearly everything, I deleted my fireWall (Zone Alarm) and i reactivated my Windows XP Service Pack 2 FireWall
I checked with TCPView v2.34 my ports, if another programm is blockin my port 113 but it ain´t...

So if u guys now how to fix that problem please holla back...

thx Evizu

O.S.: Windows XP and SP2 are all updated to the newest state...
I have Runnin AntiVir and AntiSpyWare, they are lately updated as well
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