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I'm sure they have there own developement roadmap, but i dont think there is an estimated date that would ever be made public until it was near completion.

I also administer a number of unix/linux/bsd servers that require file tranfers from time to time, and as such would also like to see ftp of ssh in flashfxp (especially fxp abilities for ease of syncronisation). With the growing userbase of alternative operating systems im sure there are many more people that would like to see sftp in flashfxp that simply dont say so.

In the mean time however long it may be i use putty for general stuff and attachmate reflection sftp client (formerly fsecuressh) when i need to move a lot of files. Not all that impressed with the rewritten fsecuressh, but it does the job. I personally prefer not to open an ftpd client in the systems i admin, but thats always an option if you want easier file access.

I also eagerly await the rewrite/pro version of flashfxp (also very much interested in scriptability, and to a lesser extent optional tabbed sessions, amung other things).

In any case, im happy to wait as im very happy with the current software and support system.
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