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I do like FlashFXP but the thing that bug my boss is the SFTP/FTPoverSSH feature that is missing. At our job, every linux/Solaris/Filer system are manage via SSH/SSH2.
The SFTP feature would open you up a good market in the large entreprise market. At this time, our company is about to buy about 30 CuteFPro License instead of your's juste beacause of the SFTP thing. I dont have to remind you that CuteFTPPro is about 4 time the price of FlashFXP.
Mabe you can go with 2 version of FlashFXP. One like the current build and an otherone Pro ?

Originally Posted by bigstar
SSH over FTP will not be added to the current FlashFXP codebase. However we plan on adding it during the rewrite.
Is there any timeline / Roadmap of it ?


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