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Originally posted by Harm
There's no double talk here.
Yes there is, one of them said at the next major release it would be supported. The other said it would never be supported unless they rewrote the code. Obviously one of them thinks the code is currently being rewritten to support SFTP, while the other doesn't. Two very different views.

SFTP (the SSH File Transfer Protocol) and FTP are completely different protocols. That's why a complete rewrite of FlashFXP would be required to add SFTP support.
I'm aware that they're seperate protocols, but maybe I didn't make that obvious enough. I'm of the opinion that to add SFTP support would not require a complete rewrite....that's just verbage people have saying here to avoid answering the question of when it may / may not be supported. I think FlashFXP has a great base of code, and would hope they wouldn't have to throw it all away just to add support for SFTP.

Being a simple user, I can only tell you that it will be ready when it will be ready. I might be wrong but I don't think you'll get an ETA from the development team ; a complete rewrite will take some time.
I don't see what's wrong with asking for input from a developer or from a FlashFXP employee. But you're right, maybe it's a company secret as to what new product features they will offer in the next release.

PS: Please don't turn this into an argument, I'm only trying to clarify things before it does
I'm trying to be very cordial and at least present my opinion to what appear to be opinions of other users. Unfortunately that's all the other threads contained too. Sorry I didn't take a liking to the boilerplated answers of "never" or "whenever"
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