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There's no double talk here.
This will be never implemented in FlashFXP, unless there will be a complete rewrite of the program.
is exactly the same as
This will not be implemented until the next major version (a complete rewrite)

I'm no ssh expert but it looks like even if some people are using "FTP over SSH" to talk about SFTP, they are different ways of using ssh to transfer files.

SFTP (the SSH File Transfer Protocol) and FTP are completely different protocols. That's why a complete rewrite of FlashFXP would be required to add SFTP support.

Being a simple user, I can only tell you that it will be ready when it will be ready. I might be wrong but I don't think you'll get an ETA from the development team ; a complete rewrite will take some time.

PS: Please don't turn this into an argument, I'm only trying to clarify things before it does
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