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Originally posted by MxxCon
and just fyi, FTP over SSH is NOT SFTP/SCP
Let's talk about this for a minute since you seem to post this comment in a lot of the other [older] threads.

SFTP is a pretty general term, and has been around for a long time, and unfortunately been used with different definitions. The initial SFTP implementation used SSH for the control channel, however the data channel was in cleartext via the FTP protocol. This was also refered to as Secure FTP. The term of FTP over SSH came from this implementation. Unfortunately for you, SFTP now refers to the current SSH FTP protocol, and has retained it's "FTP over SSH" moniker.

To look it more generally, it's still an FTP implementation in the SSH protocol [which you admit to below] so it's weird that you'd sit there and say it's not FTP over SSH because that's exactly what you're doing when you use SFTP.

Originally posted by MxxCon
SFTP is a subset of SSH protocol.
I never said it wasn't part of the SSH protocol, so I don't know why you said that...

This will be never implemented in FlashFXP
This will not be implemented until the next major version
This is exactly the type of double talk that I was trying to avoid. So perhaps I'll rephrase my question for clarity. Are there plans to rewrite the code to implement SFTP? Is that rewrite currently underway?

Thank you.
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