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Default FTP over SSH (aka SFTP / SCP)

I know there have been several posts about this. However I'd just like to iterate how much I'd like for this feature to be added to FlashFXP. Using a third party app to fill this feature gap isn't a very good option, mainly because of the added overhead to maintenance. In the previous posts on this forum that I found about FTP over SSH, I got some conflicting information. One of them said it wouldn't ever be implemented, another said that it will be added once the code is rewritten(!), and lots of things inbetween. It wasn't until after the fact that I realized some of the posts I read were in the archive section, and it appears this issue hasn't been addressed by a reliable source for 6+ months. Can someone inform me of the latest news regarding sftp support in FlashFXP?

Thank you.
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