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Default Anti-idle on Site Manager

I am using an entry in Site Manager to maintain a connection from work to my home server. Flash is running build 833.

I have the main option "Enable Anti-Idle" turned off, and the entry in Site Manager for that site stating "Anti-idle" is on, by selecting the straight black tick. However, the site does not anti-idle, so the proxy server closes my connection after 3 minutes. If I turn the main option back on it idles fine; however, I do not wish to set this up in the main options so that all sites can anti-idle.

I am connecting through Proxy Server type 3, in case of problems replicating the error.

I have also noticed that I cannot now select the "default" option for "anti-idle" in Site Manager. I.e. the semi-greyed option. So it is now either on or off for the site, not default.

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