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Default flashfxp freezes winnt 2000

It has taken me some time to find out what exactly froze my computer and I ended up pointing my finger at flashfxp.

When uploading (downloading is ok) winnt 2000 (sp 4) freezes. Dead as a duck.
This only happens with large queues of big files. Large as in filesizes up to 50 meg. Or more, I haven't tested with bigger files.
It doesn't happen straight away though. I don't know how much mb's have to be uploaded before my box freezes. It varies a bit I think but I seem to be able to trigger the bug every time.
As this is a very annoying bug, killing my box, I'd like it if someone took a look at this problem. If flashfxp would just crash I wouldn't really mind but it's the whole rebooting thing, losing unsaved workf and so on.

This behaviour is present in the latest stable release and the latest beta release.

If you need more info to reproduce, let me know what I need to do.

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