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Default HTTP Proxy with FTP capabilities

Hi there, I really like FlashFXP very much. But one option I just miss is the HTTP proxy, that can handle FTP Protocoll too.

You got a HTTP Proxy in this nice tool but I can't connect through this proxy @work.
But if I use another tool like TotalCommander(Windows Commander) there is an FTP client build in. And this client got an option that says: HTTP proxy with ftp ...

With this settings I can connect up- and download but FlashFxp's option just makes our Proxy/Cache send me an HTML response error that tells me I cannot use FTP with HTTP proxy

Could you please, please include this type of proxy in new Versions ?

Or do I just have to set something different in my proxy settings ?

I think it's an SQUISCH proxy or something like this.

Any ideas to get it to work with FlashFXP ? It only works to connect on port 8080. But I'm not setting any port in TotalCommander (WindowsCommander), it just connects and I dunno the port it uses

Oh btw:

I just found this thread and it's exactly what I have as problem:

Please, cant u implement this GEt Method ? Even if FlashFXP is too crippled. At least users who like this tool and are conform with it can use download and upload and dont have to get other ftpo clients they dont like to use!

And telling my sysadmin to change the "running system" proxy settings wont help I guess
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