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The horses bolted a very long time ago. There is no rounding them up.

It is a waste of resources and Inicom would need to employ an army to chase the pirates up and write legal letters, full time.

There are better, easier and lateral ways.

What you can do is support the people that actually pay for the work. That is where the value of paying for this particular software lay.

It depends on the Developer of course, but when you pay and get more than just a software program, that provides incentive.

Believe me, this software is well worth the payment for the creation, maintenance and support of the program and the community that has grown around it.

Just think of it as free advertising. The people that do just leech and don't care are not really the kind of customers I would want to associate with anyway.

They drop in every now and then, but you can spot them from a mile away.

And the extra bonus, the best bit, are the beta releases of course.

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