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Default SSL error in FXP transfer

Hi Folks,

my first post in this forum and I'm sad it's because of a anoying problem I'm having with the FlashFxp, site-to-site transfer!

The error in the log is the following:

[R] PRET RETR xxx.rar
[R] 200 OK, will use sg for upcoming transfer
[R] 227 Entering Passive Mode (72,xx,xx,xxx,xxx,112).
[L] PORT 72,xx,xx,xxx,xxx,112
[L] 200 PORT command successful.
[L] STOR xxx.rar
[L] 425 Can't build data connection: Cannot connect to dest socket SSLTCP:381:connect tcp:10060:A connection attempt
[L] Transfer Failed!"

The is my ip address.

I thought it was the ssl option on in the quick connect menu but it is not enabled.

Can you give me a hint why doing a site-to-site transfer it does anything to do with my connection, more specific with my ip???

Hope I made myself clear!

Thanks in advance!

Jorge Lopes
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