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this is NOT flashfxp's problem.
SERVER sends you that "wrong" reply.

FlashFXP send command:
which means, it's asking server to which ip and port it should connect
then server replies with:
[R] 227 Entering Passive Mode(xx,xx,xx,xx,yy,yy)
which tells FlashFXP that info.

now the fact that you are seeing some strange ip, has nothing to do with flashfxp. you would see this with any ftp client you would use.
you are connecting to DrFTPD server. it is designed to be a distributed server "bridging" multiple servers. that's why you are seeing ip that is not belonging to the original site.
now if you/server admin thinks that is wrong, you'll just have to look into it's configuration.
there is absolutly nothing we can do about it.
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