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Default Directory freeze if SERVER is throttled

Hi Guys. Old CuteFTP user (unhappy) and a mate told me - get flashfxp. I did, so far, great, i don't use FTP much so i don't know a heap, but this is the issue.

Been using this FTP site (serves using CesarFTP) and been going along great for about a week now. Now he needed some bandwidth for other tasks and said i would be throttled (5k), i had no troubles with that.

Now though, if i enter a directory on his FTP (ANY DIR, big or small), Flashfxp will pause while at some random bytes. Like it says at the bottom: listing directory, you'll see it count like 800 bytes, then 1900 bytes then pause. And it will stay paused. I have waited some time and it will not continue. Now i talked to my friend and told him, as a test, take off my the throttle, and what do you know, suddenly it all works again and i can enter any directory i want.
Side note: only dirs freeze. A "cached" dir still loaded fine and resumes files i had already queued and worked fine in throttled mode.

Currently in order to get it working and so he doesn't have to be around to throttle and unthrottle me, i have placed an up/download limit onto MYSELF and he leaves me on unlimited. With myself on 5k everything seems to work ok

I'm using the shareware build 3.0.2 from this site i grabbed about a week ago.

Is there a setting i'm missing, a known bug, maybe even his FTP server, though he says others have been throttled and noone is getting freezed.

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