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Default O byte files being created

This isn't a major bug, just a little annoying. Follow these instructions to recreate it:

-Queue up a load of files in a particular folder on an FTP (one which you have full control of will make it easier to recreate).
-Physically delete all the files that you just queued from that folder on the FTP (you can simulate deletion by renaming the existing folder to another name, and then creating a new folder with an identical name to the original)
-Flush the directory cache (this would happen if you didn't connect to that site for a while)
-Attempt to transfer the files. It will create a series of 0 byte files.

I did not go out of my length to find this bug, it's just that it happened to me today whilst attempting to transfer files which did not exist, but from a folder which still did exist. I therefore recreated it by connecting to my own FTP.

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