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You are right that this is not a CPU-intensive program. However, I believe that FlashFXP could benefit greatly from a Native 64 bit version.

There have been 64 bit versions of Linux and Windows available for a year, but few software programs have made the jump. By innovating, you could become the first native 64 bit FTP program. In doing so, you will attract many new customers who would normally have never seen or chosen your particular program in the myriad of FTP choices out there currently. That alone is a powerful reason to support a 64-bit version.

Secondly, the leap to a 64-bit version is also a huge leap in technology. I'm not sure why you are dismissive of it. And whether or not the performance gain appears to be huge (since Win x64 can run 32-bit applications and FlashFXP is not a CPU hog), it would still run better as a native 64 bit app, then as a 32 bit app running on an emulated WoW layer.

I don't know that porting a 64 bit version would be extremely difficult, yet it could yield some rather positive results. Furthermore, many businesses are constantly looking for a good FTP program, and I don't know that there is a great industry leader in FTP programs. We use WS_FTP Pro at work, and I'm certainly not in love with the product.

Yet, there are plenty of business servers that have been around for 2 years that exceed 4 gigs of memory. 32 bit operating systems and programs can handle memory addresses above 4 gigs. So the memory only serves to be redundant at that level. A native 64-bit program could be used on high-end business servers that have more than 4 gigs of memory.

Assuming those servers use Intel processors, there would be a HUGE performance increase, since the Intel 64 bit processors have huge problems running 32-bit applications on a system with over 4 gigs of memory.

With these points being brought to light, I hope you will reconsider your position, and at the very least look into the feasibility of a native 64-bit version.

Thanks for a great product!
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