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Default Implicit SSL over SOCKS proxy does not work

As the topic already tells, I am trying to use Implicit SSL to connect to an ioFTPD site via a SOCKS 5 proxy (Bouncer v1.0.RC6 by Chris Mason).
I am currently using FlashFXP v3.1.8 build 1062, but I have had the same problem with any older version of FlashFXP I've checked.

This is a log of the connection attempt:
[15:42:04] [L] Connecting to SSL SITE via Proxy -> IP= PORT=12345
[15:42:05] [L] SOCKS: Connecting to
[15:42:05] [L] SOCKS: Connected to
[15:42:05] [L] Connected to SSL SITE via Proxy
[15:42:05] [L] Connected. Negotiating SSL session..
[15:42:05] [L] Connection failed (Connection lost)
This is what the log of the SOCKS proxy says:
[15:42.41] [1] Accepted Connection From yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy:yyy
[15:42.41] [1] Attempting To Connect To
[15:42.42] [1] Successfully Connected To
[15:42.42] [1] Connection Closed
A packet sniffer between the SOCKS proxy and the client reveals the following:

Client -> SOCKS proxy:
00000000h: 05 01 02 01 06 75 73 65 72 6E 6D 09 73 6F 63 6B ; .....usernm.sock
00000010h: 73 70 61 73 73 05 01 00 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF    ; spass....ÿÿÿÿÿÿ
SOCKS proxy -> Client:
00000000h: 05 02 01 00 05 00 00 01 FF FF FF FF FF FF       ; ........ÿÿÿÿÿÿ
The SOCKS password and username have been replaced with usernm.sockspass; the FTP site IP and port have been replaced with FF FF FF FF FF FF. That's the only two packets linked to the connection attempt.

Using a different FTP client I can connect just fine to the same FTP site via the same proxy using Implicit SSL.

To me this looks like a FlashFXP bug. Any ideas?
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