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Default Lock FlashFxp Bug

How to re-create this "bug"..

+ Ensure no other apps are currently showing on the taskbar
+ Load FlashFxp as normal
+ Connect to a site & dl or whatever
+ F9 to minimise
+ Right click on the ffxp icon and click "Lock FlashFxp"
+ Now double click on the icon so the password box to unlock appears
+ Do not enter anything in the box, click outside it (ie desktop) so its out of focus
+ Right click on the ffxp icon in the icon tray and click restore
+ Hit Alt + Tab

FlashFxp will re-appear in the background and you can see everything that is going on in that session. You can not do anything apart from view the session and right click on the task bar and close FlashFxp down.

I'm not sure how long this has been about as I only noticed this by chance a few mins ago

ffxp v3.1.5 (build 1054) BETA - Can't access customer portal atm to test with the newest beta
Windows 2000
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